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Minh Viet Co., Ltd was established with a total investment of 20 million USD in Vietnam by East Star Co., Ltd in British Virgin Islands representative by Mr. Nicholas Lengkong (Indonesian) is a Chairman of Company. 

Minh Viet Co., Ltd was authorized by Fujifilm (which is specialized in producing color, film, photographic paper and camera in Japan) as a distributor in Vietnam market.

The factory of company located at Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City.

  Pigeon – a top brand of Japanese on Baby Care products came to Vietnam and become a leader in this Business Sector.
  Minh Viet Co., Ltd was authorized by Fujifilm as a distributor of products for Graphic Art and Printing Industry
  Minh Viet Co., Ltd was officially transformed from Ltd. to Join-stock Company as current International Minh Viet Joint Stock Company (IMV JSC)
  IMV office building (headquarter) is located at the center of the Phu My Hung area was officially operated from Year 2010 until now.
  Astalift – a luxury cosmetic brand of Fujifilm on skin care and make up products came to Vietnam market
  IMV distributed Medical products for health care of Fujifilm 
  20th year anniversary of IMV in Vietnam market
  The big shareholders of IMV (JSC) - The East Star Co., Ltd was transformed to Fudong Co., Ltd in Hong Kong. Representative by Mr. Chan To Keung (Hong Kong) is an Chairman cum CEO of IMV Company.