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A word from CEO

IMV Vietnam is switching to a new path of development in Vietnam after a 20-year operationFor 20-year operations in Vietnam, IMV has successfully established a strong and sustainable business development with 03 key business sector and remains its leading position in the field.

Fujifilm continues to confirm its leading in the market for printing photo imaging business. We, IMV, commit to bring into the printing industry with new model photo shop serving for new generation end-users following the international trend. Besides, with the continuous product innovation, we again confirm our leading position by providing more advance photo products into the professional lab with new technology photo paper and advanced machine.
The same strategy is also applied to our range of Fujifilm Graphic Arts products – film and plates – which will be the best choice for printing industry in Vietnam. It is proved by the fact that IMV continues to provide new products for films and plates from the support of advanced technology from Fujifilm R&D department in the region.
For fast moving consumer goods, Pigeon has proved their main role in providing the best products for mother and baby care in the market. With its presence in all the modern channels and also in general trade, Pigeon commits to provide more better products through the innovative products, quality in service and switch products from PC bottles into PP bottles required by international standard.
Furthermore, with these recent years, IMV has also started stepping into the Medical Field with some certain achievement so far to prove that IMV is always foreseeing the business opportunity to grow as a leading international company in Vietnam. Specifically, IMV now is an official distributor for Fujifilm ultrasound with Sonosite brand from USA, distributor for Hitachi ultrasound with Hitachi-Aloka brand from Japan and is also developing Intro Visio Diagnosis (IVD) field by co-operating with Roche Vietnam.
For cosmetics, IMV has successfully established an own retail chain stores in the mall with Astalift brand from Fujifilm Japan. Astalift provides all the best quality products for skin care and beauty care by enhancing the skins and anti-aging products as well as supplement supply. 
Last but not least, IMV will keep the restless effort to improve and deliver better service and products to Vietnam market in the future. We hope to grow together in Vietnam, with Vietnam and for Vietnam.