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Medical division of IMVhas specialized in Medical devices focusing on Ultrasound solutions. We are proud of being long-term partner with Hitachi Medical and Fujifilm Vietnam. In medical industry, we understand the new challenges and obstacles and which are continuously arising for business with the rapid advancement in technology and competitions in business environment. These ones give us a great motivation to establish our position in Vietnam market. We confidently ensures with customer that our products are outstanding quality, value of money with excellent after-sales services.

Product list:

Fujifilm: USA quality – 5 years warranty


SonoSite iViz

Confident decisions when and where you need it.

iViz is your premium imaging solution that connects to hospital medical IT systems and cloud services. iViz gives you access to online resources, applications, and patient vitals information, for all your mobile clinical need.



SonoSite M-Tubo

The M-Turbo for High Resolution Imaging

Across the Point-of-Care.

Engineered for unmatched image resolution, durability and ease of use, our flagshipproduct, the M-Turbo ultrasound system, has earned customer satisfaction ratings of 99 %*. Proprietary algorithms optimise multiple imaging parameters so you get essential information quickly and easily. The M-Turbo ultrasound system offers an advanced feature set with a wide array of connectivity options that seamlessly connects you to hospital information networks and your own PC. And now with SonoRemote® Control, the system respond



SonoSite Edge & Edge II

Ready for complete range of applications.

The SonoSite Egde ultrasound system offers you an enhanced imaging experience through industry-first transducer innovations like DirectClearTM and Amored Cable Technology. And, because it is a SonoSite, the Edge ultrasound system stays true to our design pillars of durability, reliability and ease of use.



SonoSite X-PORTE

The world’s first ultrasound kiosk.

X-Port represents an entirely new approach to clinical ultrasound. Its imaging, features, and educational resources are fluidly brought together in a convenient, all –in-one kiosk design.



  • IPS-Pro monitor (LED)
  • Control panel is friendly designed to end-users
  • Symphonic Technology includes significant resources and efforts have been utilized to focus on the development of each and every component that plays  a part in enhancing the image quality. This includes Multi-layered Crystal Transducer, The Compound Pulse Wave Generator+ (CPWG+) in the frontend, the The Pixel Focus technology in back-end, as well as the IPS-Pro display monitor.
  • Imaging Processing Technology: HdTHI, HI REZ+, Compounding Image.
  • Real-time Elastography & Shear wave Measurement
  • 3D and 4D Technology
  • Application for general imaging, OB-GYN, Cardiology, etc.


ARIETTA Prologue has been designed especially for the point-of-care (POC) ultrasound market. Thanks to its intuitive and simple operation, it fulfils the fundamental role of a portable ultrasound system, bringing the clinical benefits of diagnostic ultrasound into new areas of healthcare.