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Components of breastmilk

11:45 | 05/08/2011

Breastmilk has various advantages, one of which is that it contains well-balanced nutrients, including fat, lactose and protein, which are the main ingredients. The proportions of these ingredients are automatically adjusted at different times to match the growth of baby. This makes breastmilk the best food for your baby.


How to hold your baby

11:45 | 05/08/2011

Mothers generally breastfeed their babies 8-12 times a day, for 10-30 minutes each time. This means that it is important for the mothers to be able to feel relaxed in a stress-free environment so that they can continue to breastfeed.


Your baby can't latch on to the breast well

11:45 | 05/08/2011

It takes some time to learn to breastfeed a newborn baby appropriately because both you and your baby are not used to it. Sometimes the baby can't latch on to the breast well, or can’t keep sucking. If the following signs are present, then there is a possibility that your baby is not latching on well.